Department of Library & Information Science

Students Notices

1. 27/06/2022Change of Timming in the Date-sheet for Bachelor of Library & Information Science (B. Lib. & Inf. Sc.)2nd SEMESTER (Regular/Reappear) Examinations to be held in JUNE/JULY-2022
2. 27/06/2022Admission Notice 2022-23.
3. 22/06/2022Notice regarding Roll number.
4. 17/06/2022Date-sheet for Bachelor of Library & Information Science (B. Lib. & Inf. Sc.) 2nd Semester (Regular/Reappear)
5. 17/06/2022Date-sheet for Bachelor of Library & Information Science (B. Lib. & Inf. Sc.) 2nd SEMESTER (Reappear) (Old Syllabus May-2020)
6. 17/06/2022Date-sheet for the M. Lib. & Information Science(One Year Course) 2nd Semester (Regular)
7. 17/06/2022Date-sheet for the M. Lib. & Information Science (One Year Course) 1st Semester (Reappear)
8. 15/06/2022Reg. Notice for Extra Classes.
9. 13/06/2022Group wise student list for Practical B.Lib & M.Lib June 2022
10. 13/06/2022Revised Practical Date-Sheet for B.Lib and M.Lib June 2022
11. 08/06/2022Students name struck off from the rolls of the department.
12. 25/05/2022Revised Date-Sheet of Snap Test of B.Lib.I.Sc. and M.Lib.I.Sc. (2ndSemester) June 2022.
13. 25/05/2022Circular regarding offline examination starting June whether Indian/ International students
14. 25/05/2022Date-Sheet of Snap Test of B.Lib.I.Sc. and M.Lib.I.Sc. (2ndSemester) June 2022.
15. 25/05/2022Special House-Test date-sheet B.Lib.I. Sc. and M.Lib.I.Sc. 2nd semester June 2022
16. 20/05/2022Regarding interaction on "Earn while one learns" on dated 23.05.2022
17. 19/05/2022Report and news clippings of International Museum Day on 18.05.2022.
18. 19/05/2022Reg. Shortage of attendance
19. 18/05/2022Celebration of International Museum day on 18.5.2022.
20. 13/05/2022Result of B.Lib 1st semester jan-2022.
21. 12/05/2022Advisory regarding shortage of attendance
22. 26/04/2022Students name struck off from the rolls of the department.
23. 21/04/2022Regarding Students' protests
24. 20/04/2022Reg. Notice for Medical Leave.
25. 20/04/2022Report and news clippings of National Commemoration of Martyrs of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre on 13.04.2022
26. 19/04/2022House-Test date-sheet B.Lib.I. Sc. and M.Lib.I.Sc. 2nd semester May 2022
27. 18/04/2022Notice for shortage of attendance
28. 18/04/2022Reg. Rules and norms of Condonation of Shortage of attendance.
29. 18/04/2022Reg. The International Day for Monuments and Sites on 18.04.2022.
30. 12/04/2022Reg. Date extended for Examination form 2022.
31. 12/04/2022Reg. Commemoration of Martyrs of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre on 13.04.2022
32. 07/04/2022Notice for shortage of attendance
33. 24/03/2022Date extended for PMS(Haryana)(2021-2022).
34. 21/03/2022Reg. Hostel waiting list of students B.Lib and M.Lib
35. 15/03/2022Reg. Higher studies
36. 11/03/2022Reg. Ph.D. Students
37. 11/03/2022Reg. financial assistance out of ‘PUDLIS Student Support Fund’
38. 08/03/2022Reg. seven days NSS camp
39. 08/03/2022Reg. Ph.D. Students
40. 07/03/2022Examination schedule for even semester
41. 04/03/2022Notice for students Names struck off
42. 04/03/2022Celebration of International Women’s Day on 08.03.2022
43. 02/03/2022Time Table of B. Lib & M. Lib. 2nd Semester for Academic Session 2021-2022
44. 02/03/2022Two Days Workshop On Personality Development and Soft Skills
45. 25/02/2022Reg. Hostel admission Form 2021-22.
46. 21/02/2022Functioning of department in physical mode
47. 21/02/2022Mrs. & Dr. V.S. Puri Scholarship for the year 2021-2022
48. 08/02/2022Registered Members of Alumni Association
49. 01/02/2022Extra-Mural Activities Scholarship
50. 01/02/2022Scholarship from 'Student Scholarship Fund' for the Session 2021-2022.
51. 28/01/2022Reg. Fee Concession Forms
52. 21/01/2022Reg. Mail IDs for uploading answer sheets of B.lib. and M.lib.
53. 21/01/2022Reg. Link of Roll. No. B.Lib and M.Lib for online exam. Jan.2022
54. 21/01/2022Reg. Instruction of online examination January 2022
55. 21/01/2022Date sheet of BLIS 1st Semester January-2022
56. 21/01/2022Date sheet of MLIS 1st Semester January-2022
57. 19/01/2022Scholarship of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan 2021-2022
58. 10/01/2022Reg. Award of Sarika and Surinder Mahant Library School Scholarship @ Rs.450/- p.m. for 10 months for the year 2021-2022.
59. 06/01/2022Reg. National E-Scholarship 2021-22
60. 03/01/2022Award of scholarships for the Year 2021-2022.
61. 10/12/2021U.P. Scholarship for the session 2021-2022
62. 10/12/2021Centralized PMS Scholarship for 2021-2022 (Haryana)
63. 06/12/2021Report of Feedback 2020-2021
64. 06/12/2021Report of Feedback 2019-2020
65. 06/12/2021Report of Feedback 2018-2019
66. 06/12/2021Report of Feedback 2017-2018
67. 06/12/2021Report of Feedback 2016
69. 03/12/2021Award of stipends to poor and deserving students of University Teaching Departments for the session 2021-2022.
70. 03/12/2021Award of stipends to poor and deserving students of University Teaching Departments for the session 2021-2022.
71. 03/12/2021Award of stipends to the wards/dependents of University Employees
72. 03/12/2021Advisory for Observance of prescribed COVID 19 Protocols in view of OMICRON
73. 02/12/2021Financial Assistance to SC/ST students for the year 2021-2022
74. 01/12/2021Payment of 2nd installment of Tuition Fee
76. 12/11/2021Shortage of attendance notice
77. 10/11/2021House-Test date-sheet B.Lib.I. Sc.and M.Lib.I.Sc. 1st semester November 2021
78. 08/11/2021Tutorial List M.Lib.I.Sc. 2021-2022
79. 08/11/2021Tutorial Groups B.Lib.I.Sc. 2021-2022
80. 08/11/2021Mentor Mentee List M.Lib.I.Sc. 1st Semester Session 2021-2022
81. 08/11/2021Mentor Mentee List B.Lib.I.Sc. 1st Semester Session 2021-2022
82. 05/10/2021Link to fill examination form and last dates for receipt of Examination Forms.
83. 01/10/2021Syllabus of M.Lib.I.Sc. 2021-2022
84. 01/10/2021Syllabus of B.Lib.I.Sc. 2021-2022
85. 01/10/2021Revised Links of Online Classes of M.Lib.I.Sc. 1st Semester
86. 01/10/2021Revised Links of Online Classes of B.Lib.I.Sc. 1st Semester
87. 29/09/2021Library Membership for the session 2021-2022.
88. 24/09/2021Submission of documents by B.Lib.I.Sc. & M.Lib.I.Sc. students for confirmation of admission.
89. 24/09/2021Information for admission seekers
90. 24/09/2021Important Student Notice.
91. 23/09/2021Link of Online Classes of M.Lib. 1st Semester 2021-22
92. 23/09/2021Link of Online classes of B.Lib.I.Sc. 1st Semester 2021-22
93. 23/09/2021Link of Online classes of B.Lib.I.Sc. 1st Semester 2021-22
94. 23/09/2021Students Notice
95. 22/09/2021Award of Pre-Matric, Post Matric and Top Class Education scholarship for students with disabilities 2021-22.
96. 22/09/2021DHE Chd. Admn. circular for award of PMS for SC/OBC & Economically BC & Transgender 2021-22
97. 22/09/2021Guidelines for Online PMS Scholarship of Punjab 2021-22
98. 21/09/2021Orientation Programme on 23.09.2021
99. 10/09/2021Result of B.Lib 2nd semester
100. 24/08/2021Admission related Notice
101. 19/07/2021Reg. Instructions for B.Lib Students for exam.july2021
102. 16/07/2021Date sheet of BLIS 2nd Semester July-2021
103. 16/07/2021Reg. links for appearing in online examinations for even semesters: Session July, 2021:
104. 12/07/2021Date sheet of MLIS 2nd Semester -July 2021
105. 02/07/2021List of Ph.D. Awarded
106. 28/06/2021B.Lib Result 1st sem.
107. 25/06/2021Date-Sheet of Snap Test July 2021
108. 17/06/2021Report and News Paper clipping of celebration of the 75th Anniversary of India’s Independence-Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav on 16.06.2021
109. 17/06/2021PhD viva voce of Ms. Fathima Azra Fazal on 23.06.2021
110. 12/06/2021Practical Date-Sheet for B.Lib and M.Lib
111. 12/06/2021Class Roll No. wise Student List of B.LIb & M.Lib
112. 12/06/2021PhD viva voce of Mr. Rishabh Shrivastava on 18.06.2021
113. 09/06/2021Celebration of '75th anniversary of India's Independence (Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav)
114. 04/06/2021Ph.D course work date sheet June, 2021.
115. 02/06/2021Result of M.Lib.I.Sc. semester 1,
116. 28/05/2021PhD Viva-Voce Notice
117. 19/05/2021News Paper clipping of Celebration of International Museum Day 2021
118. 19/05/2021Celebration Report of International Museum Day 2021 on 18.05.2021
119. 17/05/2021Extended Exam. Fee Schedule
120. 17/05/2021House Test Date-Sheet for 2nd Semester
121. 12/05/2021Celebration of International Museum day on 18.5.2021
122. 10/05/2021 Regarding the aAdvertisement for various posts of Managers, Data Entry Operator and Assistant
123. 10/05/2021 Requirement of Library Incharge
124. 10/05/2021Office Order
125. 26/04/2021Tutorials B.Lib. & M.Lib 2nd Semester
126. 19/04/2021Result of B.Lib.I.Sc. semester 2, September 2020
127. 15/04/2021Commemoration of Martyrs of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre
128. 09/04/2021UGC MOOC Courses to be offered through the SWAYAM portal of MHRD.
129. 09/04/2021Important Notice for Ph.D. students.
130. 09/04/2021Online event on Commemoration of Martyrs of Jallianwala Bagh on 12.04.2021.
131. 05/04/2021Information for submission of Examination Forms.
132. 31/03/2021Time Table of M.Lib.I.Sc. 2nd Semester for the Session 2020-2021.
133. 31/03/2021Time Table of B.Lib.I.Sc. 2nd Semester for the Session 2020-2021.
134. 16/03/2021Revised Date Sheet B.Lib 1st Sem.
135. 16/03/2021Date sheet of MLIS 1st Semester 2020-2021
136. 11/03/2021 Celebration of India's 75 years of Independence-Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav
137. 10/03/2021Library Membership for the session 2020-2021.
138. 08/03/2021Celebration of International Women's Day (IWD 2021) on 8.3.2021.
139. 02/03/2021Extend the date of apply for refund of fee of left out students.
140. 24/02/2021Notice for M.Lib.I.Sc. students.
141. 19/02/2021Shortage of Attendance of the Students
142. 18/02/2021Date sheet of Snap Test
143. 17/02/2021Notice regarding submission of documents & penalty
144. 09/02/2021PMS date extended
145. 04/02/2021Award of scholarships for the Year 2020-2021.
146. 02/02/2021Award of Sarika and Surinder Mahant Library School Scholarship for the year 2020-2021.
147. 28/01/2021Award of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan Memorial Scholarship
148. 27/01/2021Revised Tutorial Groups of M.Lib.I.Sc.
149. 27/01/2021Revised Tutorial Groups o B.Lib.I.Sc.
150. 15/01/2021House test date sheet of B.Lib and M.Lib
151. 15/01/2021Syllabus Pre-Ph.D. Course work (2020-2021)
152. 15/01/2021Time Table for Pre-Ph.D. Course Work (2020-21)
153. 05/01/2021Tutorials Groups of M.Lib. 1st Semester
154. 05/01/2021Tutorial Groups of B.Lib. 1st Semester
155. 30/12/2020Payment of 2nd installment of Tuition Fee
156. 23/12/2020Mentor Mentee List 2020-2021
157. 21/12/2020Post Matric Scholarship Form for SC Students of Punjab State 2020-2021
158. 15/12/2020Attandance of the month of Nov. B.LIb & M.Lib
159. 14/12/2020Enrollment in NCC
160. 14/12/2020Award of stipends to the wards/dependents of University Employees
161. 14/12/2020Award of stipend to poor and deserving students
162. 11/12/2020Payment of 2nd Installment of Tuition Fee.
163. 04/12/2020Financial Assistance to SC/ST students for the year 2020-2021
164. 26/11/2020Reg. last dates for submission of Examination Forms
165. 25/11/2020Submission of documents
166. 25/11/2020Reminder-Link to fill examination form
167. 24/11/2020Regarding Hostel Facility
168. 19/11/2020Syllabus M.Lib 2020-21
169. 19/11/2020Syllabus B.Lib 2020-21
170. 19/11/2020M.Lib. Merit List - Fourth Waiting List
171. 18/11/2020Link to fill examination form
172. 17/11/2020Orientation Programme on 18.11.2020
173. 12/11/2020B.Lib Merit - Second Waiting List
174. 12/11/2020M.Lib. Merit List - Second Waiting List
175. 11/11/2020Time Table M.Lib.I.Sc. 1st Semester for Academic Session 2020-21
176. 11/11/2020Time Table B.Lib.I.Sc. 1st Semester for Academic Session 2020-21
177. 10/11/2020Examination Fee for regular/reappear candidates
178. 06/11/2020P.U. DLIS Student Support Fund
179. 03/11/2020Date sheet for Pre-Ph.D. coursework examination November 2020
180. 27/10/2020Examination Fee for regular/reappear candidates
181. 20/10/2020B.lib 2nd semester result September 2020
182. 19/10/2020Impotant Notice regarding confidential results
183. 28/09/2020Viva-Voce B.lib. 06 and b.Lib.07
184. 16/09/2020M.Lib & B.Lib Date-Sheet Sep.2020
185. 28/07/2020 Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for SC/ST students for the year 2020-21
186. 01/06/2020Steps for filling up Re-appear form
187. 29/05/2020B.Lib 1st semester Re-appear submission date
188. 28/05/2020Process for filling Re-evaluation form
189. 19/05/2020Re-evaluation form for students
190. 15/05/2020Result of B.Lib.I.Sc. semester 1, December 2019
191. 05/03/2020Struck off Notice
192. 04/03/2020Date sheet for House Test March 2020
193. 02/03/2020Name Struck off List
194. 19/02/2020Shortage of Attendance of the Students
195. 31/01/2020Mentor Mentee List of B.Lib.I.Sc. & M.Lib.I.Sc. (session 2019-20)
196. 31/01/2020National Academic Depository registration for all pass outs for session 2017
197. 15/01/2020Shortage of Attendance (B.Lib & M.Lib Second Semester)2020
198. 13/01/2020Handbook of Information 2019-20
199. 13/01/2020Sc/ST Collaboration 2019-20
200. 09/01/2020Tutorial Group M.Lib.I.Sc Semester-II
201. 09/01/2020Tutorial Group B.Lib.I.Sc Semester-II
202. 19/12/2019UGC Scholarship Scheme
203. 12/12/2019Internal Assessment of M.Lib, 1st semester December,2019
204. 12/12/2019Internal Assessment of B.Lib, 1st semester December,2019
205. 09/12/2019Datesheet of B.Lib.I.Sc. December,2019
206. 09/12/2019RDC Notice
207. 05/12/2019Student detained list B.Lib & M.Lib
208. 26/11/2019Second Instalment for the session 2019-20
209. 22/11/2019Late Diwan som Nath & Late Radha Krishan Prem Kaur Stipends Scholarship
210. 20/11/2019Milkhi Ram Sharma Memorial Scholarship
211. 20/11/2019Scholarship of Mrs. & Dr. V.S. Puri
212. 20/11/2019Scholarship for Soldier Relief Fund
213. 15/11/2019Name Struck off
214. 06/11/2019Struck-off Notice of B.Lib & M.Lib 1st sem. (2019-20)
215. 04/11/2019Step by step guide on how to fill an online Anti Ragging Undertaking
216. 30/09/2019House Test Date sheet 2019
217. 03/06/2019Vacancy for Library Professional Trainees 2019-2020
218. 17/05/2019Mlib Internal Assesment 2019
219. 17/05/2019Blib Internal Assesment 2nd semester 2019
220. 12/09/2018Examination Fee Notice for BLIB
221. 12/09/2018Examination Fee Notice for MLIB
222. 21/07/2017Rules of attendance 2017-18

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